Saturday, December 11, 2010


That is right you crazy movie fans it is Friday movie of the week and guess what today's is?  That's right it is the old time movie classic Metropolis.  This wonderful film was made back in 1927 by Fritz Lang.  The film is a silent one and it was also in black and white to no surprise.  However, it was the most expensive project at it's time costing a pocket ripping 5 million Reichsmarks (I looked for current currency conversions and sadly no dice sorry friends). The film, is not a short one; it's about 153 minutes long but when I saw the movie I admit it was well worth the wait to see all the twist and turns of the story. What was even better this was suppose to be a city in the future which is kinda funny to see what the people back then thought the future would look like. So, that's about it for now hope you go and watch the movie to see how grand a old classic like this can be.

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